About Us

Unity Parenting's Executive Director, Flora Koppel speaks at a public event about the needs of homeless youth.

Unity Parenting’s Executive Director, Flora Koppel speaks at a public event about the needs of homeless youth.

Unity Parenting and Counseling, Inc. is a one of a kind community-based, not-for-profit social services agency created in 1983. Unity Parenting’s mission is to provide the residents of our community with strong support, community advocacy and holistic services designed to nurture and strengthen the inner person to promote self-efficacy and family empowerment. Unity Parenting takes this mission very seriously. All of Unity Parenting’s programs focus on each served person as a unique individual. Services are developed to ensure that each person is supported in becoming the best that he, she, or they can be. Unity Parenting provides individuals and families in Chicago and surrounding communities with culturally sensitive, effective, social services designed to elevate their social and psychological functioning, standard of living and quality of life.

As a licensed Child Welfare Agency and an agency accredited by the Council on Accreditation ( COA) Unity Parenting adheres to the highest of industry standards. Unity Parenting’s services intertwine evidence-based, best practices with the reality of the day to day lives of children, youth and families who participate and/or reside in our various programs. Unity Parenting’s staff help both youth and adults identify their goals and dreams and then develop the best plan for them to move toward dream fulfillment.

In foster care, as well as in the housing programs, Unity Parenting’s staff work with families to stabilize and strengthen each member, and the family unit as a whole. Unity Parenting’s project-based, homeless youth transitional housing programs, and its youth low threshold overnight shelter have a basic foundation of accepting each youth, at whatever stage of growth the youth is at. Then the staff facilitates future growth based upon the best direction that the youth has determined.

Unity Parenting’s Harmony Village Transitional Living Program was one of the first youth homeless programs on Chicago’s South Side. Unity Parenting has grown and grown and now has six homeless programs in various locations on the South Side, four of which are for homeless youth, providing housing for single youth, married couples, and young parents with their small children. Unity Parenting’s youth programs represent a complete continuum of care, from overnight shelters, to transitional housing, to permanent supportive housing for the most vulnerable of these youth. Unity Parenting is committed to tackling challenges and making a difference to the overall community and to its most vulnerable members.